Plum Mark fieldworkers are equipped with modern notebook and tablet computers. Everyone is connected to a broadband internet connection. This kind of technical equipment, combined with modern research-software, allows much faster data collection, permanent control of interviewers and the real time insight into the results of field work.


Plum Mark uses modern computer software for data acquisition and processing, which significantly increases efficiency and speed up the research process.
Data collection begins with the formation of the final version of questionnaire. The questionnaire is then transferred into electronic form, specially adapted for computer data entry, which allows monitoring of the data collection, sequence of data into a single database, control of the interviewers, creation of the preliminary report, as well as storage and export of data. Thus prepared questionnaires are forwarded to the interviewers. If required, the questionnaires can be printed and forwarded to the interviewers.

In the telephone survey(CATI), during a phone conversation with the respondent interviewers make a direct entry of data into the appropriate computer program.

In a field research (CAPI), the interviewers carry a notebook computer and make data input, eliminating the need for printing paper questionnaires. If the Internet connection cannot be provided during the interview, the data are sent as soon as the connection is provided.

In Paper-and-Pen interviews (PAPI) at the end of each day, after returning from the field, interviewers enter data from the paper questionnaires into their electronic forms.

In the online-surveys (CAWI)there is no intermediation of the interviewers, and the questionnaires are completed by the respondents themselves, using their own computer, mobile phone or tablet.

A wide range of features that our software provides when designing the questionnaire, surely will satisfy the need for specialized data collection for the most demanding research:

Various types of questions / answers

Open-ended questions, questions with one or more possible answers (radio button / checkbox); questions with drop down menu; ranking / Likert scale questions; lists and tables with different types of questions, questions with pictures as offered responses; insertion of multimedia content inside the question, uploading files, combining different types of questions, etc.

Advanced branching and skipping logic

Advanced branching and skipping logic questions create highly interactive poll, with options of hiding and displaying the questionnaire, depending on previous answers (move to another page in the questionnaire), “piping” questions, randomization of pages, questions and answers, completion of quotas after which the polls close automatically, etc.


Automated e-mail sending of survey results, the use of “hidden values” (the measurement of retention of the respondent at one question/page, the duration of filling out the entire questionnaire), redirection of the respondent from the questionnaire to the URL of your choice, etc.
The client can view the results received from the field in real time, or by receiving e-mail each morning with the latest data from the market research or opinion polls.

Branding and survey/report design

Our software enables full control of survey design: fonts, colors, images, inserting Your company logo in questionnaire header, etc. This applies also to creating reports with survey results.

Distribution of questionnaires

Distribution of questionnaires through e-mail campaigns, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or integration of survey within Your web-site (through embed-code) makes data collection much more easier and efficient.

Creating reports

Options for creating real-time reports enables smart data-analysis and contributes to improved business-decision making. If summary reports are not enough, at any moment You can get collected data in CSV, MS Excel or SPSS file formats and conduct more complex data-analysis. Moreover, reports can be generated also in PDF file format, online-reports can be password-protected, updating of the reports can be scheduled, etc.


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