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Election polls are one of the best methods to determine the quality of work done by research agencies, by comparing official election results with results anticipated in election polls.

Plum Mark - Najpreciznija agencija u Srbiji

In this pre-election period, all research agencies had the same chances (but also the constraints) to get similar and trustworthy results from public opinion research. However, that didn’t happened.

PlumMark actively participated in pre-election measuring of the Serbian citizen political opinion. On several occasions, alone and in collaboration with other consulting agencies and independent consultants we measured and publish our research results.

Plum Mark Research conducted most precise public opinion election polls in Serbia 2012. Our minimal bias in prognosis of election results is 0,04% for the first electoral list, and 0,31% for the second list. Other research agencies’ estimations goes beyond statistical error of (in this case) 2,4%.

Our best anticipation of election results is even 122 times more accurate than best election results prognosis done by other agencies.


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