Plum Mark’s network of interviewers is one of the best technologically equipped social network in Serbia, trained to meet high standards of data collection, required by the ISO 20252 Standard and ICC/ESOMAR code of market and social research.


All interviewers are trained in Plum Mark headquarters, after which they receive permanent on-line training. There are more than 200 people working in all 25 Serbian districts, in more than 100 municipalities that cover both urban and rural areas. They are equipped with notebook computers and connected to the Internet through a broadband connection. They are trained to do CAPI and CATI surveys, EXIT research and Mystery Shopping projects. Through the data collection software they can connect to a central Plum Mark database at any time.


In multiethnic communities, the interviewers conduct surveys in languages ​​of national minorities.
Movements of the interviewer can be followed by the GPS system, so we can guarantee that the step given in the survey will be respected. Because the interviewers are constantly connected to the Internet, the survey data can flow into central database immediately after they are obtained, with a single click. This allows us to control the fieldwork of our interviewers, immediately after the interview with respondent is completed.


Telephone survey (CATI) is done in two ways. We have 8 CATI stations installed in our CATI center, but majority of the interviewers conduct telephone surveys from their home. Plum Mark has developed a unique system of interviewers’ control, which allows managing virtual CATI studio that counts up to 200 CATI stations.
Each interviewer is required to check into the system at the beginning of survey, and turn on his/her webcam and microphone. This way we can monitor each interviewer individually, and hear the interviewer lead the conversation with the respondent. Any irregularities that may occur can be corrected between two interviews.


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